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DraftDime™ offers premium tools for Daily Fantasy Sports. It was co-founded by Adrian, the 2017 NBA Single Entry Champion and two-time WFBBC Finalist.

The DFS landscape is constantly evolving. Back in the day, you could dominate DFS simply by running our Lineup Optimizer and plugging the top lineup into FanDuel or DraftKings. While this is still a very effective strategy with proper bankroll management, it is not nearly as dominant of a strategy as it used to be.

That's why over the years, we have updated our Lineup Optimizer with new tools and features, while still maintaining its simplicity. Perhaps the best new feature of our Lineup Optimizer is the ability to create effective strategies on-the-fly.

(Watch our tutorial to see just how easy it is to create effective strategies with Optimizer 4.0.)

Lineup Optimizers

It's nearly impossible to consistently win in DFS with hand-picked lineups. There are millions of different combinations of players you can select, so to truly get an edge over the competition, you need a tool that helps select the right combination of players.

Whether you're a seasoned DFS vet or a beginner, on a desktop computer or on your phone, our Lineup Optimizer gets the job done. It is simple yet packed with many advanced features.

Our Lineup Optimizers are constantly being updated with even more advanced features to maintain our edge in a constantly-evolving DFS environment.

Click here to watch a tutorial of our latest features.

Lineup Optimizer

Player Projections

Perhaps more important than our lineup optimizers are the actual projections that go into our optimizers. Adrian has been developing projections for over 6 years now for the NFL, NBA, and MLB. We take pride in developing accurate player projections and continue to improve our projection development process to make our projections as accurate as possible.    View Projections

Draft Kit

When it comes to drafting a team for your fantasy football league, there are many factors that you must take into consideration when determing which players to draft. Our Fantasy Football Draft Kit is a one-of-a-kind tool that takes all of these different factors into consideration. Use our Draft Kit during your live draft to ensure that you are drafting the best possible team, and dominate your peers!    View Draft Kit

Fantasy Football Draft Kit