12/20 Calls

12/20 Calls

NJ Calls (38-44-1) -19U ROI: 27.70%

Good day dimers,

Do not despair, Nick and Justin are here to right the wrongs we’ve been on these past couple of articles. What is truly incredible about betting is a solid day on the books can completely bring us back to where we need to be. With Christmas in just a couple of days, our backs are against the wall. We are determined to get you that much needed skrilla in time for the big day. The belief in us has faltered, all odds are stacked against the boys, but you know who believed in us? GOD DID (DJ Khalid voice). Let’s have ourselves a day and start our road to recovery with some absolute fuego calls. TOGETHER WE RIDE.

1U Plays

  • CHICAGO BULLS +4 -110 (NBA)
  • KENNESAW STATE OWLS -7.5 -108 (NCAA Men’s Basketball)

2U Plays

  • MISSISSIPPI STATE BULLDOGS -4.5 -115 (NCAA Men’s Basketball)
  • TOLEDO ROCKETS ML -170 (NCAA Football)

3U Play

  • UTAH JAZZ -2 -108 (NBA)

4U Play

  • PROVIDENCE FRIARS ML -104 (NCAA Men’s Basketball)

-NJ Calls

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