12/21 Calls

12/21 Calls

NJ Calls (43-46-1) -12U ROI: -23.57%

Good day fellow dimers,

The trust you have in the boys will continue to be rewarded in the form of skrilla. After a couple of tough nights on the books, the boys at NJ calls were finally able to find some solid footing and grab a positive night. Christmas is a mere 4 days away, but don’t worry we have some more cash rolling your way! The boys hit the lab hard once again and found some mistakes that Vegas put on the books. Don’t stop believing in us now, keep on keeping on and we will bankrupt the bookies. TOGETHER WE RIDE!

1U Plays

  • BROOKLYN NETS -12 -112 (NBA)

2U Plays

  • NEW YORK KNICKS -1.5 -110 (NBA)

3U Play

  • DETROIT PISTONS +12 -110 (NBA)

4U Play

  • NOTRE DAME FIGHTING IRISH ML -132 (NCAA Men’s Basketball)

-NJ Calls

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