Saving Strategies

With our optimizer, you can easily save and access strategies on the fly. Your saved strategies are stored on our servers, allowing you to access them from anywhere at any time. Easily switch between devices with our tool–you can work on your strategies on your desktop and seamlessly access them later on your phone.

But what exactly is a strategy? A strategy, in the context of our optimizer, encompasses all the settings and customizations that you make to the optimizer. For instance, suppose you were working on 5 NFL lineups with the following settings:

Locked Players:
-Giants D/ST
-TJ Hockenson

QB/Rec From DAL

At least 3 players between 0 and 10% owned.

With our optimizer, you can save these settings and access them later on. Simply hit the “Save Strategy” button as follows and a window will pop-up confirming all of the settings you are about to save:

If you choose the option “Save and Clear Strategy”, it will save those settings, but also clear them out, that way you can start developing some new strategies. You can access these saved strategies at any time by navigating to the “Strategies” tab:

If you would like to apply a specifc strategy to the optimzier, simply find your strategy and choose the “Apply Strategy” button:

You can also rename a strategy by selecting the pencil icon above, or you can remove a strategy by selecting the “Remove Strategy” button.

Why save strategies in the first place?

Saving strategies offers several key advantages when it comes to building your lineups:

  1. Time Efficiency: By saving strategies, you can quickly access and apply them when needed, without having to recreate them from scratch each time. This saves you valuable time, especially when managing multiple lineups or making last-minute adjustments before game time.
  2. Latest Information: Suppose it’s 10AM EST on a Sunday, and the games start at 1PM. You’re working on 20 different lineups: 5 of them are simply the default top 5 lineups. 5 of them are a Cowboys Stack. 5 are a Vikings Stack. And 5 are a Ravens Stack. Generating these lineups at 10AM will result in outdated projections and not account for the latest injury news or other critical updates. By saving strategies and applying them closer to game time, you ensure that your lineups are based on the most up-to-date information, leading to better-informed lineups.