Late Swapping

Late swapping is an essential part of becoming a good DFS player. Before I go through the different ways that you can late swap with our optimizer, let’s first discuss why late swapping is important. Why Late Swapping is ImportantFor many, late swapping simply means swapping out a player after lock if that player gets … Read moreLate Swapping

DraftDime Tutorial

Lesson 1 – Optimizer Basics Lesson 2 – What are all of the different columns? Lesson 3 – Stacking Lesson 4 – Custom Optimizer Rules Lesson 5 – Importing Projections Lesson 6 – Creating and Saving Strategies Lesson 7 – CSV Editing Lesson 8 – Late Swapping Bonus – DFS Dos and Don’ts

CSV Editing

Both FanDuel and DraftKings allow you to edit your entries in bulk by using a csv file that you can download from their website. However, this requires you to use Excel and involves copying and pasting lineups that you export from an optimizer into this file that you download from FanDuel/DraftKings. Or at least that … Read moreCSV Editing

Saving Strategies

With our optimizer, you can easily save and access strategies on the fly. Your saved strategies are stored on our servers, allowing you to access them from anywhere at any time. Easily switch between devices with our tool–you can work on your strategies on your desktop and seamlessly access them later on your phone. But … Read moreSaving Strategies

Importing Projections

Maybe you’re interested in importing projections from another website, or perhaps you created your own projections, and you want to import these projections into our optimizer. Well this process is extremely easy. Simply click on the import icon and choose the file with your projections as follows: Once you choose your file, the projections will … Read moreImporting Projections


What is stacking?Stacking in DFS, refers to selecting two or more players from the same team or game based on the belief that they have a positive correlation. The most common type of stack is the QB/Receiver stack, where you choose a quarterback and one of his receivers to be on your fantasy team. The … Read moreStacking

Optimizer Basics

What is an optimizer?Each slate can have up to billions of possible lineups. So how do you make sure that you’re selecting the best lineup out of those billions? Well, you have to use an optimizer. Our optimizer uses something called linear programming and the simplex method to provide you with the lineup that’s going … Read moreOptimizer Basics